Thursday, 4 April 2013

Sky Bar Leeds

I recently paid a visit to Sky Bar in Leeds. This had been on my to do list for some time and i must admit i was a little disappointed by the service, however the bar does have some plus points.

The bar is situated on the top floor of the Doubletree hotel at the granary wharf in Leeds. The entrance to the bar is by the elevator and the lift opens straight into the bar what adds a sophisticated James Bond type feel to the place. The only plus i can give to the bar is the view, it probably has the best views in Leeds what is kind of expected been on the top floor of a hotel. Other then the view i really didn't rate the bar much at all, the service was exceptionally slow the wait at the bar took ages. The bar staff also seemed rather rude and seem to avoid making eye contact with all the customers waiting, the wait wouldn't of bothered me as much if the staff had the decency to smile at the customers instead of trying to shy away from everybody. The drinks prices are on the expensive side however there was a good rang of drinks on offer and the price was reasonable given the location of the bar etc. What i didn't find acceptable was the fact all the menu's on the bar was sticky and falling apart, in addition to this there was lots of empty glasses on the tables what no one seemed to be collecting. Overall the bar is worth a visit for the views but based on the service i wouldn't say i was impressed. 


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