Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Better blogger challange

A few days ago i asked everyone on twitter to send me their blogging links then to re-tweet so i could hopefully find new blogs to follow. I was bombarded with links to some fantastic blogs i had never come across before and i made sure i posted a comment on every blog. It made me realise one of the reasons i love writing my blog is the interaction it gives me with other bloggers. It also reminded me CAPTCHA is a pain in the bum! Seeing that people have viewed your blog every day is nice but lets be honest we love a comment. 

Therefore i have set myself a 5 week challenge that:

  • I will aim to comment on 50 blogs throughout the whole week.
  • I will take part in at least 1 blogger chat.
  • I will use the Blogger Birthday calendar and wish the birthday bloggers a happy birthday.


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